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A team of installation and integration veterans, we understand the challenges you face, and we are here to help you overcome them.


Our team’s technical expertise spans across different industries and services, and we are well-equipped to handle any technical problem you may encounter. We pride ourselves on our open and honest approach to technical support, which streamlines the solution process and helps you get back to business quickly.

A drive for system optimization has governed our lives, personally and professionally. It is a big reason why we entered the technology space in the first place. Like many in the industry, that drive is what led us to tinkering with the latest and greatest gadgets that we could program to do cool stuff.

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Excelling at that hobbyist lifestyle led us to starting businesses of our own, or getting recruited by others to start-up, lead, streamline, or grow existing integration arms of other companies.

After years in crawl spaces, countless truck rolls, and hours on the phone with factory tech support listening to hold music and waiting to be told nothing could be done, we found ourselves day-dreaming of a person to call that was focused on optimizing the install just as much as we were.

That dream led to numerous conversations with others in the field, which gave us the confidence to start testing a business model that would ultimately lead to Wise Guys.

After a couple years of perfecting what we think we’d want from a technical support partner, we’re now excited to be offering our services to help others learn from our past, show us more ways to grow, and to optimize our industry.


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